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The difference between power adapter and charger

1. What is the power adapter?

The power adapter is small portable electronic devices and electronic and electronic power conversion equipment, usually by the shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, its output can be divided into AC output and DC- output type; press connection can be inserted into the wall mount and desktop. Widely used in the phone Cordless phone, game console, language repeater, walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones and other devices.

Most laptop power adapters can automatically detect 100 ~ 240V AC (50/60Hz). Basically all laptop regard the external power supply, with a line and a host connection, so you can reduce the size and weight of the host, only a handful of models built in the power supply within the host. The power adapter has a nameplate above marked power, input and output voltage and current and other indicators, with particular attention to the input voltage range, which is called "travel power adapter ."

2. What is the charger ?

Chargers - An electrical accessories, usually refers to a converts AC power to low voltage DC equipment. Charger is widely used in various fields, particularly in the areas of life has been widely used in mobile phones, cameras and so common appliances.

Charger power electronic semiconductor device using the constant voltage and frequency of the alternating current is converted to a static DC converter device. In order to operate the power supply or battery backup power for electricity occasion, the charger has a broad application prospects.

3. Power adapters and chargers where the difference between?

By the above definition and content of personal opinion, the same nominal charger generally not directly used for power, just like our cell phone charger, as it is used to charge the phone and not connected wires directly connected to the phone fooled battery use; generally can not only power adapter for power, but also to give an electrical charge, like the notebook power adapters, it can charge to the computer, but also to the computer power supply.


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