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Charger problems how to do the repair how to repair?

“Possible load is the motor, light bulb or capacitive load, when the boot moment, the current is caused by” excessive, the proposed power supply overload protection mode...

Now the fast charge of this topic continues to heat up from the Baidu index search feedback data show that the vocabulary 1 year less than the degree of concern has been beyond the mobile power and other veteran products, among the fastest rising hot words. For now, fast charge contains a number of standards, in addition to charging five minutes to talk two hours of oppo vooc flash,

as well as Qualcomm as the representative of QC2.0, QC3.0, mtk as the representative of the mtk pe2.0, pe3 .0, USB PD Association pd2.0, pd3.0 and so on. Throughout the market, these four standards to Qualcomm qc2.0, 3.0 the most rapid development, has formed its own ecological chain, covering the phone, charger, charge Po, car charger, and UAV field, peripheral products up to Hundreds of models, compared to the other three big fast product more than the sum. The following charge head network to high-pass fast charge, for example, to like a fast charge of small partners to bring Qualcomm qc2.0 / 3.0 past life introduction.


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